Short Kids Stories

Here is a collection of our short kids stories, designed as a taster of the full classics for you to read with your little ones.

Alice In Wonderland

A little girl called Alice was having a picnic with her sister. It was a hot day and Alice felt sleepy. Suddenly a White Rabbit ran by mumbling. “Oh dear. I shall be late!”

The rabbit disappeared down a big rabbit hole and Alice followed.

Alice found herself in a strange room. On a table was a bottle marked “DRINK ME”. Alice took a sip, and in moments she became smaller and smaller.

Suddenly Alice found herself next to a blue caterpillar sitting on a mushroom. She told him her problem.

“One side of the mushroon will make you taller.” Replied the caterpillar, “and the other will make you smaller.”

Alice took a few bites, until she retuned to her normal size.

Alice heard a distant voice and rubbed her eyes.

She found herself lying on the grass, her sister by her side.

“Wake up Alice. What a long sleep you´ve had!”

“I´ve had such a funny dream!” said Alice.


The Three Billy Goat´s Gruff

The three Billy Goats Gruff loved eating juicy grass. Every spring, they would cross a rickety-rrackrty bridge to reach their favourite field.

Little did they know that during this past winter, a troll had come down to live under the bridge.

The littlest goat crossed the bridge first. The troll leapt out and roared, “I´ll eat anyone crossing my bridge!”

“My brother is bigger than me, he´ll make a better supper!” said the goat. So the troll let the little goat pass.

The middle size goat stepped on the bridge next. The troll leaptout again and roared. “I´ll eat anyone crossing my bridge!”

My brother is much bigger than me, he´ll make a better supper!” said the middle goat. So the troll let the middle goat pass.

Finally, the biggest billy goat leapt onto the bridge and he charged.........CRASH!! BANG!! The troll whizzed high into the air and far away.

Where he landed, we cannot tell, but he never came back again!!!


Short Kids Story - The Troll

The Gingerbread Man

A little boy and his granny were making a Gingerbread Man. They gave him currants for his eyes, a cherry nose, an orange mouth and raisins for buttons.

While he was baking in the oven, the door popped open and out jumped the Gingerbread Man! “Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can´t catch me I´m the Gingerbread Man!”

The boy and Granny followed, and so did their dog. However the Gingerbread Man was far too quick for them! He came to a river but the Gingerbread Man could not swim.

A sly fox was nearby, and offered to help. “Jump onto my back and I will carry you across.”

As soon as the Gingerbread man climbed onto his back, the fox gobbled him up! Only the sly fox could catch the Gingerbread Man!

“Poor Gingerbread man!” cried the little boy.

“Never mind.” Said Granny. “We´ll make another one pop him in the over and see what happens!”


Short Kids Stories - Gingerbread Man

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