For Kids Quizzes Capital Cities

For Kids Quizzes Capital Cities from Kidstuff for kids is dedicated to the education of your childen. We have devised a range of easy fun quizzes for your little ones to enjoy, without knowing they are learning.

For Kids Quizzes - European Capital Cities

Follow the links at the end of each page, for kids quizzes capital cities, to ensure you get the wide world in a few simple steps.

Albania - Tirana
Andorra - Andorra la Vella
Austria - Vienna
Belarus - Minsk
Belgium - Brussels
Bulgaria -Sofia
Croatia - Zagreb
Cyprus - Nicosia
Czech Republic - Prague
Denmark - Copenhagen
England - London
Estonia - Tallinn
Finland - Helsinki
France - Paris
Georgia - Tbilisi
Germany - Berlin
Greece - Athens
Hungary - Budapest
Iceland - Reykjavik
Ireland - Dublin
Italy - Rome
Kosovo- Pristina
Latvia - Riga
Liechtenstein - Vaduz
Lithuania- Vilnius
Luxembourg- Luxembourg
Macedonia- Skopje
Malta - Valletta
Moldova - Chisinau
Monaco - Monaco
Montenegro - Podgorica
The Netherlands - Amsterdam
Northern Ireland - Belfast
Norway - Oslo
Poland - Warsaw
Portugal - Lisbon
Romania - Bucharest
Russian Federation- Moscow
San Marino - San Marino
Scotland - Edinburgh
Serbia - Belgrade
Slovakia - Bratislava
Slovenia - Ljubljana
Spain - Madrid
Sweden - Stockholm
Switzerland - Bern
Ukraine - Kiev
Wales - Cardiff

Try mixing these up with our other cities, or introducing a really challenging spelling test on some of these country names.

Splitting the continents is another great way to introduce a quiz or trivia game. Which country is in which continent, who knows your childĀ“s geography knowledge would increased in a fun relaxed way.

A great way to use visual aids would be to draw a world map and place on the map different country names those kids that are closest to the country wouold be the winner

North and South American Capital Cities
For Kids Quizzes Capital Cities

African Capital Cities

Asian and Oceania Capital Cities

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